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Window Blinds

More than the sunlight control or home decor, Window Blinds offered by us render users various advantages including practical as well as health reasons. When compared to other window casings, these are more convenient due to their sturdiness. These are not damaged easily by water and thus are suitable for areas that tend to have increased moisture levels such as the kitchen as well as bathroom. These have a waterproof seal so that water can be smeared of easily. These are resistant to the growth of mold, which thrives under high moisture settings. Window Blinds are really easy to clean as gravity helps in the exclusion of dirt and water. These blinds come in a wide variability of styles, patterns, and colors. These allow users to create whatever look they want to achieve in their living room, kitchens and bedrooms.
Product Image (UD-14)

Venetian Blinds

Price: 75 INR

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Roman Blinds

Price: 150 INR

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Wooden Venetian Blinds

Price: 275 INR

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